November – Alicia’s presentation at the CWRU Biomedical Graduate Student Symposium won first place.

September – Ritesh’s first F31 scored in the 10th percentile and was funded.

August – Matt completed his qualifying exam.

June – Minshan completed her preliminary exam.

March – Our lab was awarded a CWRU Core Utilization Pilot Grant.

January – Alicia’s first author paper, “Phrenic-specific transcriptional programs shape respiratory motor output,” was published in eLife and was featured in an eLife digest. Congratulations!


December – Welcome, Minshan! She’s joining the lab as a PhD student.

September – Our lab was awarded an R01 to study the molecular mechanisms of phrenic motor generation and maintenance.

June – Ritesh completed his qualifying exam.


December – Matt joins the lab as a PhD student. Welcome!

September – Alicia’s first F30 was funded through the NICHD.

July – Alicia completed her qualifying exam.

July – Ritesh was awarded Case Western’s Cellular and Molecular Biology training grant.

July – Alicia won the Lynn Landmesser research award.

May – Michaela is moving to Florida to join a graduate program at the University of Miami. Congratulations, Michaela! We’ll miss you!

January – Welcome, Ritesh! He’s joining the lab as a PhD student.


December – Our lab’s first paper has been published in eNeuro! Congratulations, Michaela!

June – Alicia won a departmental award for the best journal club presentation by a pre-candidacy student.

January – Kiran joins the lab. Welcome!


August – Welcome, Alicia! She’s joining the lab as an MD/PhD student.

May – Welcome, Michaela! She’s joining the lab as a research assistant.

January – Pola is named a Mt. Sinai Scholar.

January – The Philippidou lab is officially open!